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Before beginning fishing


I write what I keep in mind when a thing and the webmaster who want to know it to protect the body of a manner in the fishing ground, oneself and the companion do Eging.

Required reading! Before beginning fishing

The basics of eging which I want to know

What is Eging?
Even beginner-eginger spells the basics that I seem to know even veteran-eginger from the eging knowledge that I want to know and did not know.

Eging basic knowledge
What is Eging?
Then aori-squid?
A eging term
The explanation of the egingtool
Then aori-squid?
Skill of the eging basics
Arrival at bottom
Basic action this and that of eging

Eging knowledge basics tactics
Choice and analysis of the fishing ground
Nature is great

analysis of the fishing ground


Eging has a lot of domains that are not yet elucidated.
It is to say the fishing that I hid possibility to evolve steadily in from now on.
I introduce such Eging in detail.


Skill of the eging upper grade
The greater also serves for the lesser? -Jerk & twoich-
The merits and demerits of the bottom stay
Performance direction produce
Column beginner's luck was necessity

Eging knowledge upper grade
Tuning of Egi
Consideration of cheap Egi
With moon and sea and eging
Proper water temperature to catch a squid
I see it if I go earnestly



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