Performance direction produce

Egi is not a creature.
Of course it is not food.

Oh, it is natural.

I am sudden, but will know fishing called "a type of fishing?"

For the one that I do not know, I easily explain it.
A type of fishing is a genre to catch the fish eater which usually eats them with a fish (a horse mackerel and sardine) which it gave life to as bait.
In squid fishing, "Yaen fishing" falls under this a type of fishing.

For a story to hear well in the public, there is the thing "which at first there is not as for the winning chances in eginger if eginger does fishing with the same point with a Yaen-angler".

I feel like understanding this story.
I had done a type of fishing sometimes, too, but took cultural shock to see the movement of the live bait. I can hardly express this movement to Egi.

Do I see it attractively after there was this if I move Egi of the artifact how? I came to think about this.

If say by a human viewpoint, "challenge that smell to bake the kabayaki of the eel by a game with a food model"; "is a scallop opening with a mouth to in the opening while letting say on a thing of a clay charcoal stove, and do a sound". Can a visitor see food model and which which were given glory to by it and the entrance of the dining room attractively? "
If compare it in this way; Egi of the artifact and the pulling power of the fish which gave life to(Is it a collection of cuttlefish power?) Will not you understand a の difference somehow?

If think; Egi of a slightly disadvantageous condition.
How does even a creature produce Egi who is not food deliciously this time?
I want to comment on this.

The wild syakuri-stage of the pier

Oh, so-called fish eaters including the cage cuttlefish do capture movement based on instinct to be called "a reaction byte".
Rather I "do" it unintentionally.

It is one of the important arts in eging to cause "a reaction byte" intentionally by giving a device to how to move Egi to catch squid with Egi of the artifact which is not food with the creature either.
And it is the liver and thinks that it is pleasure in eging.

To tempt a reaction parttimer; a device in addition to how to move Egi.
The one is "a performance".

And it originally calls that it "hides the real intention, and it deceives a partner" the performance to "finish playing a position".
Did not anything flash?

So. With the performance to cause a reaction byte, as for it, Egi play "Bate who is edible in squid".
I catch it above all! Do a performance I hide the real intention, and to "get away from squid".

Egi whom each fishing tackle maker releases can do "the movement that squid wants to grow just hand" by.
I have "the panic action" who is movement when Bate was chased in squid if I syakuring commonly.

As well as this, I put "pin which is movement to evade and horizontal retrieving", "bottom stay covered to the obstacle" and "sly trick pull and twoich which are place movement while I hide" and and all that together and,
It is to play Egi whom yourself intend to have become Egi (or, fish), and was not able to succeed in escaping wild syakuri, squid.

When I intend to have become the fish and move Egi, an overswinging pattern opens endlessly and can begin to knit the new skill.

In that way I put the pattern of various performances together and direct a series of movement before can catch squid.
And the gold pattern that an effect is high and a method (a direction method) to find out a hit pattern quickly when it can catch it establish it while I try various patterns.

The method that produced it by oneself in this way, and obtained, not knowledge, will be that is accumulated as the experience value of the part of the sensitivity.
Seeing from the side, I am reflected in "eging that an overswinging pattern is inconsistent", but it may be, so to speak, said with "eging which actually I am various and am full of changes, and can cope with the situation flexibly".

If improve overswinging to some extent; the excellent actor who finishes becoming Bate. And how about when I am aware of becoming a director producing the stage before catching squid?

Performance direction produce.
I think that your one step eging advances. Please try it by all means.
If a script good more is finished, please show me it♪

It is not displayed ... to a container just, but Egi is not food incidentally. Please do not eat and sleep (... that there is not such a guy).