Required reading! Before beginning fishing

About security

Nature is grand. I do my best how and cannot compete with it by the human power.

Danger is equal to oneself in one such as a typhoon, big wind, a heavy rain, thunder, high tide natural mood.
Wind becomes strong and thinks that a break, decision, the courage to withdraw are necessary at one time if the sea is stormy.

1、At first the security of oneself and the companion!

It is important to prepare lights for life jacket (the place that is in danger of the fall into water), spikes boots (a beach or a tetra), a hat (in an anti-heatstroke measure), sunglasses and a polarization glass (an anti-ultraviolet rays measure), night fishing if necessary.

In addition, I cannot make light of the thunder unexpectedly. Even if lightning is to severalkm in former one, I have a dangerous experience. Because there are many things including the carbon, the recent fishing rod calls thunder together. In addition, the thunder that fell into the surface of the sea gets shocked along a line (thus the friend gets shocked.) Fortunately, did not get out of control,; but).

I think that spirit and the nature that do not yield to some bad conditions are the elements which are indispensable to progress.
However, it is a hobby after all(On the contrary, the person who makes fishing an occupation does not do the absurd thing?) Life comes first.
Let's do fishing line on the principle of safety first(^-^)

2、And consideration to all of the circumference!

I swing a thing with the needle around buzzingly and fly you away when I do eging (but the other fishing is so).
You should perform it after doing neighboring security confirmation on the occasion of the cast.

About a manner


To be fishing ground is the thing which is comfortable each other when say hello to the preceding visitor; (but when is said hello, I am embarrassed).
My speech "good evening". Can you catch it? "Is basic.

2、The fishing ground neatly!

It is natural,; but do not "take out the garbage, take it home with me if start" it."Is really natural.

These days when the fishing ground without the garbage is rare. Be elaborate, and, in addition, it is natural, but the fishing ground that is fair with anyone should be more comfortable. Oh, the garbage which oneself took out to a minimum will take it home!

As for eging, is the genre that put garbage in the bottom of the sea by all means, and cannot but return in the property; (is lost).
I want to always pay my attention to an environmental problem by just that much.

3、Hesitation and a taboo

In the fishing port and the pier, the fisherman whom therefore work and the places that the service company manages should be often found.

Therefore naturally you must refrain from the acts to interfere with the people.
You must not step on a fishing net and a spider hole drawn off! ! While a visitor gets it on and off with a ferryboat, I pick it up properly!

The fishing at such a place does fishing line in the situation that main occupation receives.
Oh, let's follow a posted signboard and the instructions of the poster.


I think that the share that cannot live should release it only with small squid and oneself.
Because eging is the thing which is formed because after all there is a partner. Oh, then a cage cuttlefish does not say, but the animal which became extinct for indiscriminate hunting is sushi how now.

I want to always have modest feelings to submit to coexistence, a natural blessing.
Is a common saying more; is talked, but because growth is early, squid grows big one month later, and may catch it again, and sleep.

I want to think about protection for each thought even if I make it anything.