Choice and analysis of the fishing ground

Where will you do eging?

What should I have chosen as an aim on choosing fishing ground?
I think the reason to choose fishing ground to be each person. But can you catch an important thing there? Did oneself have some kind of consent even if I was not able to catch it?
Such a thing is important.

Anyway, can you catch here?
I let I watched suddenly and wore and Egi and do a bottom!
I will write this means to analyze from two points!

Fishing place analysis this and that

On doing fishing ground analysis; the keyword which cannot separate even if cut it. It is ...

(1)Look suddenly, and put shape of the ... fishing ground, the tide; is the presence of the outdoor lamp, the presence of the obstacle in the case of tide inversion style, the junction line between two ocean currents, presence of Bate, handwriting, the-like presence and front and back, the presence of the rival, the night.

(2)I let I wore Egi and do a bottom! Than a ... obstacle, Bray Kline, bottom quality, a more detailed tide and anything "which was able to catch♪"

Fishing place analysis (1)I look suddenly

At first I will think about (1).

Oh, it is important to consider a tide to catch a cage cuttlefish. In the fishing ground that tide all through has good, the possibility that アオリイカ is making an excursion with that alone rises. Bate is easy to collect in the inversion style made of the junction line between two ocean currents and building a breakwater and the collaboration with the topography such as the pier that flowing tides clash with each other and had, and squid which is going to catch it is easy to come to gather.
As well as these, it is a characteristic that is easy to predict having other eginger or not and the yes or no of the outdoor lamp easily just to have watched the topography from a long distance.
In embodiments, the shallow for a good distance from the shore gulf depths are no use.

By the way, the next will approach the fishing ground. Will it be eginger to be in the fishing ground? Or will it be the person who came to catch a fish of the supper?
The next will check handwriting if I finish greetings. If there is it a lot, naturally it is a convincing point, but I catch it with one, and being stormy is thought about.
If it and sticking handwriting are new, the possibility lowers in it seeming that naturally I was tempted earlier a little.
And I look at the surface of the sea and will confirm the state of the sea and yes or no of Bate.
By the way, by the way. If the partner who said hello is a good-natured angler, I teach the situation in various ways and may teach information possibly to help.
Oh, is not from ulterior motive; and a person as for the anglers of the same interest. The thing which wants to face the sea with a good feeling each other. Even such a meaning wants to say hello comfortably first.

Eginger costing change in the neighbor catches it with an intense action with Egi of the appeal color. You should make you be such situation in the same way.
On the other hand, if there does not seem to be a catch in the way; a quiet color when work as an action leisurely, how will?

A hit pattern of squid changes in a tide, high and low tide, water temperature, Bate, a fish eater, pressure of an angler immediately (but it is the most pleasant that I infer it and grope for a hit pattern).

The fishing friend that next eginger gropes for a hit pattern together! It is the thing which room so as to think if I want to look wants.
If I get along well and made friends, I teach hit pattern and hit Egi at that time, and it is good to share information. Even if even if pierce one's pattern, change a pattern; of each other think that benefit you.

Stand in the fishing ground. The wind will be any direction. Will it be a fair wind of the desire? Will not there be a raft and the rope? It is the difficult obstacle that lost の possibility is high, but squid may settle when I throw on a rope and the chain. I am high-risk, but it is the point that it is worthwhile to aim at.
In addition, a polarization glass is a comfort. I can check the topography and Bate, a float cuttlefish in detail.

Fishing place analysis (2)I let I wore Egi and do a bottom!

By the way, let's check that I wear it, and Egi does a bottom this time and understands it.

Is that a bottom of the change ground over there is a sandy area a reef? And, in spite of being fishing, I collect information of the topography more.
The information to come from the line with such Egi becomes materials predicting the point that squid seems to have good.

Have written it very much just a little while saying first,; but ...
But here saying it really "just a little."

Ground beach and the tide consecutive good pier where I do not touch here. Method to investigate a hit pattern, kind of Egi and obstacle by the number or how to attack tide.
Oh, only the number of Gin garfish thinks that there is the method of analysis.

I talked about my fishing place method of analysis this time, but this is a method of analysis of one eginger, too. I am happy if I have you refer to it.

Let's talk about the discount. It is ... from another viewpoint.

I will look at the sea from the slightly remote slightly elevated place.
I am very beautiful. I am refreshing.

Do not I see the topography of the bottom of the sea in one very clearly? This is a thing by the refractive index of the light so that shin (^-^)v is associated by topography check OK in this.

Anyway, a thing different is seen until now by watching one step eging from the remote place.
There can be the thing that I do not see it if I crave(^^)