I see it if I go earnestly

As for autumn eging, fight in one place after another becomes basic.

The catch stops by expecting squid making a crowd in each place of the pier and hit it.

However, it becomes difficult to catch a large size squid of the spring when I want to really take you into with the same way.

The reason is because it becomes basic I am awaiting excursion in eging, and to beat squid in spring.

It is apt to seem that it is patience to be the most necessary to catch squid of the excursion type.

In fact, it is so, but what does squid of the spring make an excursion for?
When you thought about it, I make it a standard and what do bear?
In what I continue really bearing at this place, does a catch go up? You should think about such a thing.

I know an enemy, and 100 are not in danger if they know oneself.

I write the merit that continues going to one fishing ground as well as squid fishing in this chapter from different angles in spring.

An expedition diary = honorable death diary?

I begin to do eging and want to perform it when there is not the interval if I hear it in the place if I hear it when I can catch that place when this place is good.

I am eginger, too. I understand it well.
In addition, actually, it is often that I feel thus good.


Anyway, I was able to catch a person of intermediate rank today when it was a beginner rank! ... no use this time.
I think that only feedback of that level is provided.

When repeat this sometimes; the house
It may be given a disgraceful title such as the person who is poor at an expedition.

Eging that it is it for a big catch in the first change ground which does not do preparation either if I become it to say is not to be sweet(A said fishing place is different from the Bible of eging that signs of fish are very dark.) .

Eginger which gives a result

"The sea is connected, and a target is same as, too"! I take you into with my way. "
In eginger used to expeditions, a person talking big in this way comes.

After all the person who is strong in an expedition will be eginger which a catch can start as such in the hometown if I sympathize from the words full of confidence.

I think that I have a style good at all and favorite situation when I always observe strong eginger in such a hometown.

Know everything about a field; and the person whom is tight, and attack an obstacle and the reef.
The person who attacks the change of the opportunity of instant with reading, the cast of the pinpoint.
The person who let I stand and put it together towards attack, squid by a position and a method to be good at most whom oneself likes.

It "is the proud field which anyone cannot help loving" there is not a gimlet if I write it, but to be common to veteran eginger to meet in a pier. It is to have a team's home field.

And I apply the method that mostly I do in a team's home field if I meet such people in another fishing ground and catch it while analyzing a team's home field and a difference and a difference of the fishing ground (but super eginger which already transcended such a stage comes).

In addition, I lay in stock of detailed information about the fishing ground properly from somewhere.

After all I am familiar with one place to give a result in a hometown.
Or I have an arm in its own way and the reliable source of information.

I think that I am simply this.

The good information of the becoming permanently free from danger

It is apt to be overlooked plenty, but oneself must have information to deserve trust if I want to get solid information in a hometown.

The solid information is not the special information that anything seems to be a scoop even if I say so.

I come in a share by a fishing companion knowing a lot about the point and local anglers and information, and it is the timely information that oneself goes, and it was able to get and.

The shape of the field which I never understand if I do not sink Egi. It may be the story that somebody except oneself caught even if it cannot catch it by one's arm.

The important thing is it is information given life to be born by passing a human being called oneself.

To cope with the change of the sea

The situation of the sea changes every moment every day. High and low tide by the service of the month. The change of the water temperature of every season. The weather of the day, wind, a change of artificial situation.

The tide influencing the creature of the sea changes every day, and squid is different from growth by the season in both the place to settle in and the predation property by the change of the water temperature.
In addition, I am severe and change whether I can take him into with a daily condition.

The movement of the creature of the sea becomes active by the flood tide and slows down by the neap tide.

A creature of the seas is a creature influenced by a change and the service of such sea (Nature).
Therefore I doubt the advantageous thing in fishing line, and there is not it if I read the change and can get close.

It is necessary to continue going to one fishing ground to become eginger understanding such a change without oneself changing.

Naturally the day when I cannot catch it on the day when I was able to catch it comes out when I continue going to one fishing ground.

The experience based on this substance omen is important; is fed back.

For example, there "was a byte in Marino Shiodome though I was not able to catch it today".
Though I was able to "catch it well until a while ago, a hit stopped suddenly". Is the reason because sea bus has begun to splash? "
When "a rockfish began to loosen in Marino Shiodome, I was able to catch it well in a bottom".
When I "attack the obstacle of here, this method is good"! .

Because I was not able to "catch it, in the days of the beginner, on the day when I was not able to catch it, I am apt to think it to be useless (T_T)", but progress before picking it up at a no byte in progress before one's eging can catch squid by doing a theme charge account is limitless as experience value, and it is fed back.
And I get possible to get feedback from a result this time by repeating eging which cost a theme charge account. It is, so to speak, that a oneself original method and style establish it by learning from the success example that I gave by oneself.

The important thing is I go to that place for the feeling of the day and go here. I "cannot understand the delicate change of the sea if I want to look if oneself changes every moment every day".

Generally because I do not understand the place of a reef and the obstacle, even lost probability to do rises with Egi and sleeps if I go to the various fishing ground here and there.

We eginger which "has Nature raise" it

I give a result in a hometown, and "strong eginger" which can raise a catch by the expedition is familiar with one fishing ground and establishes the fishing-style that is one's pride.

If there are ten egingers; proud situation and ten ways of favorite styles.

For example, when nominate it for an example around me; ...
I have good eging which I am tight, and attack the obstacle. On the other hand, I am weak in the arrival at bottom waiting with the torrent point by trouble.
Therefore I come to choose such fishing ground.

Fishing companions always do eging with a torrent point. At the junction line between two ocean currents, I like attacking it by kickback-drift to cancel to precipitation slowly and carefully.

When a fishing companion does fishing with an interesting thing in the team's home field where I go to, I choose the fast place of the flow expressly, and the cast does it, and a kickback-drifts.
When I do eging in the team's home field where the fishing companion goes to, I let, anyway, I wear it and do a bottom and I investigate it as if I roll the bottom of the sea and roll it up and am going to discover an obstacle this time.

It will be easy to do oneself fitting the fishing ground with a favorite style after all.

Think that the choice of the team's home field changes from such a "favorite difference",; but ...

I chose him for any kind of reason and do various devices if the human being is the choice that I chose by oneself in order to start a result in that.
It may be said to evolve oneself in order to adapt to given environment.

When think from such a point of view; "fishing ground chooses eginger". You should be conscious of the thing called ".

Therefore it is a team's home field

Having a team's home field, as for the person who had one's fishing well, the fishing ground different in can persist in one's style even if I perform it.

The result is easy to come to appear if I become it till fishing begins to be possible at one's pace.
If it comes to here, the reason is because it comes to be possible for fleshing out it more by recognizing "a difference with one's proud style".
One's eging is improved by burying a difference called "the difference", and it is, so to speak, that width of the angling opens.

No matter what happens, good eginger which can give a result by all means can catch this fishing ground by all means.
There is such a place that paid frequent visits.

I return and may hesitate about choice of the fishing ground if I talk in such a way….

I mind the reason to choose a team's home field as for no reason.

The team's home field which I chose first was the place where there were few squid.
The reason is because it thought that it is carefree because there are not many competing anglers.

It may be according to the person who wants to catch it a lot or a funny choice reason.

However, as for what I was able to learn, it is it in the experience value that it is hard to change into anyone as of now from this fishing ground.
Even not only the technology but also way of thinking and a point such as the idea may say it.

I see it if I go earnestly….

It may be to be improved one's possibility limitlessly(^^)

A pier of the Ishida shipbuilding

A pier in Sansho Port faced with the Bingo rough sea.
I can catch a black porgy and rockfish.