The explanation of the egingtool

At first I cover all the items which are indespensable to Eging.

1・Rod "Eging is for exclusive use"

1・About a rod

A rod for exclusive use of Eging

The rod has good thing for exclusive use of Eging.

It is because I can move Egi most efficiently.

And, as for Eging-Rod, a light thing is recommended above all.
When it is a heavy rod, the reason is because it hurts a wrist.

As for the person buying Eging-Rod for the first time, a pole of to 4 is recommended conformity Egi 2,5 at seven or eight feet.

A good tool produces good technology.
I want to choose the pole which oneself can have confidence toward most.

2・About a reel

The reel will choose for exclusive use of eging. It is the thing of the shallow spool.

A spool normal the right a shallow spool, the left

A fishing tackle maker releases a lot the reel for exclusive use of eging.

When I treat a reel, please be careful not to damage a spool.

3.About a line(PE) and 4・ a leader(Fluorocarbon)

A line and the leader are related closely.

・The characteristic of the PE line


・Elasticity is low in the good point, and it is a characteristic that specific gravity is light.

Egi moves speedily and charms a squid.

It is charm to understand a bite directly.

Because it is hard to be depressed, there become few troubles by the root gap, and Egi does a fall for a throw naturally.

・As for the bad point, that I am poor at a root gap, friction is given.
I am easily sharp for a slight wound and line trouble.
In addition, line operation will be difficult at the time of the strong wind because it is easy to be affected by the wind.
And a price is high!

・A characteristic of the fluorocarbon

Elasticity is low in the good point, and it is a characteristic that specific gravity is heavy.

Of the specific gravity is easy to be goddamn depressed, and movement of underwater Egi is stable because is strong in a tide.
A bite is plain. There is tenacity firmly, and it is the line which is comparatively strong for a root gap.

Because I am hard to come to see it concerning a refractive index underwater, I am suitable for Harris. I am suitable for a bottom aim from the weight of the specific gravity.

・Because the bad point is firm and is easy to get a habit, the troubles such as backlashes may happen in the case of the cast.
A flying distance is hard to appear and is unsuitable for the cast. There there is expensive.


(1)When I "waved a pole, Egi reacts directly"
(2)And which "catches the squid which is at the bottom"
(3)And which is easy to "do the cast" is basics and importance.

In brief, in the PE line specialized in (1) and (3), (2) is a weak point. It is the fluorocarbon which is weak in (3) that I can cover the (2) wonderfully.

Therefore, with a PE line as a main line, I can supplement each other's bad points with a good point by I am connected directly, and making fluorocarbon a leader. This combination becomes basic of Eging.

5・About a egi

Because because it catches it with Egi, it is eging(^^)

★As for Egi, it is passable at the start to begin to do it in 3,5. In addition, you had better unify the kinds of Egi at the time of spear beginning.
All Aorie-Q is 3,5 of Aorie-Q. Egi-oh-Q is all a feeling such as 3,5 of Egi-oh-Q.

One's basic technology and perception becoming basic are formed by continuing employing equivalence, Egi of the.

When I am used and was familiar, I will employ different maker, Egi of the different number.

I understand it somehow application comes to easily work by getting a difference until now, and which Egi faces what kind of scene.

By the way, my what's-cool is Egi-oh-Q. I declare standard BASIC, but really think that it is the street.
I think Egi whom a characteristic and ability were specialized in to be able to do how to use that it gave life to every situation if used to operation of this Egi.