Proper water temperature to catch a squid

The thing which controls the living environment of the creature of the sea greatly.
It will be the tide and water temperature right out.

Of course squid is not an exception, too.
Eging is the flow and ebb of tides, size of the opportunities. Naturally these influence a catch directly. And another item.

I will pay attention to water temperature this time.

Squid which is weak in low water temperature

A close water temperature check is indespensable to August and December of the eging-seazon end game.
If water temperature falls below 16 degrees Celsius, after December, I cannot almost catch it when I am considerably severe, and it is the 15 degrees Celsius first half.

Useless overswinging time decreases when I do such a check and thinks that it is it in an "orchid & cancer(run & gun)" aim to do efficiently.

Oh, it is hard for the cage cuttlefish to be cold. It is a creature of tropical zone origin.
When it generalizes it, around 16 degrees Celsius can be active, and it is water temperature. When this becomes around 15 degrees Celsius, I hate, and water temperature runs away to the high place.
And, from around 14 degrees Celsius, habits activity itself blunts and perishes depending on an individual. When this becomes 13 degrees Celsius, I almost perish. When it is 12 degrees Celsius, the survival seems to be impossible in the individual which no matter how is strong.

Then the high water temperature?

There is squid right on the equator when I think in a habitation area.Rather a creature of south origin and the person who thought will be proper.
It is such squid, but I run away when I become about around 30 degrees Celsius and seem to perish at 32 degrees Celsius. I will pursue one year of squid in an aim by the above.

The time when it is spring and comes alongside the pier for laying eggs. The aim is great portion 16 degrees Celsius. If a coastal place begins to become the temperature of this, it is finally a squid capture season in spring.

But you had better aim at the offing when it was around 16 degrees Celsius. It is season in, but can finally think that I entered it still more in a season.

Generally, in the coastal highway at the same level as an island, water temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius in about the beginning of May. Water temperature like this is the high season of the squid in spring.

And it is ...8 a month ..7 month in June. As for the water temperature of June, as for the average water temperature, it is 22 degrees Celsius. And I become around 26 degrees Celsius in August of the time in the pro-cuttlefish last.

Autumn squid

By the way, I will think about the habits of the squid from water temperature in autumn this time.
In a climax, children of squid are brought up smoothly in the summer in a coastal place. It is the time of the alternation of generations.
And I can catch a cuttlefish in autumn from the middle of September. It is season in. The water temperature of these days is around 24 degrees Celsius.
I change with November in October as the high season, but activity lowers when it is December, and water temperature lowers than 18 degrees Celsius.

And, in about the middle of December when water temperature lowers than 16 degrees Celsius, the leading role of the coastal place takes place of former cuttlefish. And squid falls into the depth of the offing where water temperature is stable.


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