Eging knowledge upper grade -Consideration of cheap Egi-(Cheap thing Egi 200% utilization)

Fake Egi, rag Egi, deflation Egi.100 yen Egi in what is not 100 yen.
The names of cheap Egi are various.

To a style of eging, various uses such as a deep type or a long type and a thing of the shape are produced recently.

Of course the price is various, too.
One 30 cents - One 5 dollars are up to professional standard(?) There is chearp egi, too.

The bait tree collection on hand increases if I pour the same amount of money if I think by cost performance.

However, a honest article, the width of the defective article are wide, and each part is weak. And, as for cheap Egi, it is supposed the place that is lacking in stability when I do eging.

In this page, I explain cheap thing Egi having both merit and demerits.

Merit of cheap Egi

The inexpensiveness of the price is a merit.
If I take out 2,000 yen and buy Egi of the famous maker,
about around two or three acquisition is speculation, but can buy 10-20 when it is cheap Egi.

As for enriching a color and the variation of the type among three Egi while considering that I lose it, there is unreasonableness a little.
However, such a trouble is broken off if I can buy ten. Egi who is common from a deep type, shallow type. I can prepare it from an appeal color to a natural color abundantly.

And, in cheap Egi, there is the good bargain set which egingtool came to have same as several Egi.

The most of the good bargain set, various colors, Egi of big things and small things gather.

If there is this good bargain set as well as egingrod and a reel, leader PE line &, I can go to the sea immediately.

It is convenient.

A demerit of cheap Egi

Will be cheap; will be bad.

It is a proverb to reach it from Japanese ancient times.
Cheap Egi is so, too.

Speaking of what being bad, it is ...

The durability is low.

After all it can cut a piece of cloth at the time of a root gap and root capital collection in the adhesion of the body tape (cloth) being weak when I compare it with Egi whom one steals around 1,000 yen, and there are many cases coming off.
In addition, when it hangs and does a root solidly and was able to catch large size squid in the spring because the hook is weak, a hook comparatively easily turns (it does not stick depending on a case), and a hook falls off from a root when I am terrible.

A sinker is not fixed well. A sinker is twisted in a root gap, root capital diagonally and disappears when I am terrible.
And it is rusted in the next fishing line and is hard to come to use it if I neglect maintenance after the fishing line weakly to be rusted.
There is the case which rust begins to enter in the early afternoon if I keep on having put Egi who used the season when temperature is high in fishing line of the morning in a egingcase.

Because the feather is not fixed well, it is necessary to check it every 何投 whether a pin does not become slow.

In addition, there are and even if a center is already twisted from a purchase point in time, and a sinker turns and does not have any problem visually, I do an fall while picturing a spiral if I soak it in seawater and fall down to arrival at bottom aside various troubles.

All is not Egi having a trouble entirely, but I compare it with Egi of the price that a famous maker sells in its own way, and it is a characteristic that I can lack in certainty, stability, strength.

The few troubles felt cheap in Prastabilierte Harmonie, but hopeless Egi had better have the readiness to give up flatly.

How to use only by cheap Egi (1)Pilot- Egi

As for appearing, cheap Egi said the merit and the demerit as above.
Can prepare a number,; but on the other hand cheap thing Egi who is hard to develop a thing called "from beginning to end stable eging."

However, cheap Egi can develop the tactics that I cannot speak with it or price Egi who can develop "from beginning to end stable eging".

Will you know words called p pilot-Egi?

It is Egi in charge of the first cast who took the role of "the Captain cut" in eging.
If come in the fishing ground; "at first is this Egi"! It is pilot-Egi to do how to use such as ".

In eging, the first cast is very important.
The information to be provided from the first cast measures bottom quality of the fishing ground and the analysis of the field such as having obstacle or not, the deepness of signs of fish or an active check and cannot know it.

Performance to find to pilot-Egi from such a thing is each eginger, and even same eginger is a thing different by the situation of a field.

For example, my "pilot Egi" in the normal field is "EgiOu-Q pink rainbow gold 3.5".
Because, in "a favorite, there are the results, too." Is a reason.

However, when hear an opinion of other eginger; "an at first deep type." Is because can investigate the topography of the field quickly; "is the gold of the orange" .
Because an appeal power is the strongest. Is "; "4.0." Such a small cuttlefish which I can catch with only Egi who is smaller than this is not necessary. There is the person saying ".
On the contrary, because, "anyway, want to catch it, is smallish 3". There is the person called ", too.

A thing to buy to "pilot-Egi" as above is each person.

How to use only by cheap Egi 2).I tune it up thoroughly

"Even the tuning of Egi" of the foregoing paragraph conflicted, but it is delicious and does not readily go if I really tune it up as having thought.

Very lost failure = in a tip half umbrella tune (a dopeless tune); is the same as it.
Several holes lighten how even if I make it a light tune if I can open, and a degree of leaning does not understand it after how much whether it is it without doing it.

However, these tuning carries the risk that they cannot return to the original state if they remodel it once on their back.
Hey it will not be a thing to have with it and favorite Egi.

Will not it be it in the mind that the point cheap thing Egi does once either?

You had better try the tuning generally if you could do it.
There is not the guarantee that the scene which I cannot attack if there is not it never does by this tuning in the situation that I want to catch.
Because the severe tuning is the thing which is high-risk to perform it in improvising.

How to use only by cheap Egi 2).How to use twisted Egi

Egi who falls while drawing a spiral in a pin.
When is careless, will attack the wrong place; of the line trouble may be the cause.

When I operate such Egi, at first I will work as "curve-fall".
At this time if is Egi who does a pin while drawing a slow curve, there is use.

This; is gentle, and, using a characteristic to decline, attack the backside of the obstacle of the offing, and is tight many times, and can attack Yokote of the obstacle and the edge of the dope.

If it is Egi who was able to twist it even if it is slightly difficult to do this how to attack with normal Egi, and the lost probability to do is high, there there is simple.

Lost an example; even if did it; is originally Egi without the use.
It will not be very precious.

Acquaintance with cheap Egi

The manager purchased some cheap thing Egi and tried it in various ways, but the quality goods that cannot think met stuff which I was no use and used it, and was not a success at all and cheap thing Egi in various ways inside.

Currently, I use only favorite deep type Egi 3.5.

As for the fishing line-style that a manager uses 3.5 for as for it through one year is because is it.
3. Topography search is very simple for eginger of this the fishing line-style, and Egi of the 5 deep type is because a tide is easy to attack the early fishing ground.

I think the utilization of Egi to be each person, but,
I unify number and kinds and had better continue using Egi of the maker which there there name went along even if I say anything in one season.

With that in mind, I think that I had better employ cheap thing Egi whom oneself liked on a case-by-case basis.

There had better not be an as possible lost chopstick if I think about environment (a wallet).

However, it is said to be the fishing of the lost belongings eging.
The tight attack of the lost readiness is because it is it in the technique and valuable experience value that I cannot get on the desk called the sense.

The swing of crying changes the fishing tackle of the first class goods into just a toy what.
And the swing that the spirit began draws the potential of the tool than a maximum.

If since it does eging, it is ... which there is no lost cannot being helped in the game development that demanded fare-thee-well in.
The thing which can get from cheap Egi is immeasurable; may be done.

After all the tool is ... How to use!