eging basic angling  -Cast!-

Throw it! It is not the way that seems to fly away a ball and a stone, though. Naturally it is ...

It is the cast saying by "a eging term".

I write the procedure of the cast in this page.

Please think that I grasp the fishing rod in the right hand.

The preparations for cast

The important thing.

・I am left to power and must not wave a rod. It is important that Egi throws by the repulsion of the rod.

・And I choose Egi of conformity weight displayed to a rod.

The thing important above all,
Is not there a person near?
It is to do the cast after confirming security.

The art of the cast

Then let's explain it in order.

1.At first I have "reelfoot" between the middle finger and the third finger of the right hand and grasp a rod(The left hand has a grip end before throwing it.)

2.And I bend a right hand forefinger and have a fishing line. And I free a veil with the left hand.

3.I go into motion if ready and throw it.

After the cast, let's do it if I can afford to do "feathering".

I get possible to hit a good flying distance and the point that I aimed at directly if used.


Conformity Egi should be displayed to a rod. When it is Egi who is heavier than this, I cannot make use of repulsion. And too light Egi cannot make use of repulsion itself.

In addition, a flying distance lengthens some lines which are thin in frictional resistance with "the guide" or air resistance when I compare a big line with a thin line.

I advance while being conscious of the above-mentioned thing if I work as the cast sometimes. A body comes to do the cast well once if I learn an art.

If the cast gets possible to do it, the next will think about "arrival at bottom"