Nature is great

We eginger which I carry pole and landing-hook on my shoulder, and challenge Nature daringly.

I am cool if I express it in this way.

If even eging-tool can gather, it is charm of eg-fishing(eging) line result, that it is simple, and is happy without asking it the night and day.

However, it is a heavy-armed page to recommend daringly in case this time.

Please prepare for this tool

water drawer bucket

I wash a hand, and a pier can wash away a scattered sumi.
When companion and other anglers fell into water, water drawer bucket with a rope turns into a lifeline.
I think that it is more good to let you put on a longish rope of other selling.

After all spiked shoes and life jacket are necessary for eging of the beach place.

There are really many people who do not put on spiked shoes and a life jacket when I do eging at a beach place.
Eginger of sandals appears in the beach place where the scaffold is dangerous, and I am surprised.

In the Japanese Setonaikai-Sea, the difference of ebb tide and the high tide is big, and the tide with it is intense fast.

There is the fast flowing stream point gliding at the surface of the sea without Egi being depressed.

He die surely if he fall into such sea!

I do not understand it whether you do not have the safe equipment whether you do not equip it even if you have it because you are troublesome, but this place that I watch is really worried.
Spiked shoes not to fall. Life jacket for the case that fell into the sea.
Please wear it by all means.

Emergency! What would you do?

Please call the 118th.It is a phone number of Japan Coast Guard.

From such a reason, you had better have the mobile telephone always ready.

I am heavy! All toilsome ...

I think that it is hard to prepare all. Therefore it is ...

To the autumn fishing ground, it is felt shoes, a mobile telephone, a water drawer bucket and rope.
And it is life jacket.

When there are these, I am reliable.

Eging of the spring is if awaiting the coming alongside the pier of the cuttlefish.
Furthermore, there should be an cooler.

Life jacket and spiked shoes are necessary to do eging at a beach place.

I am injured seriously, and will be careful not to become the worst situation.
It is one's intention to protect oneself.

Please wear it by all means.