What is eging?

What will eging be?

When I classify the fishing roughly.

1・Bait fishing

2・Spin fishing(lure fishing)

It is classified roughly by these.(There is the thing specialized in a fish class such as tomo-fishing of the sweetfish inside)

Eging falls under "2".


As for eging, it is it in a genre I "handle the lure which I imitated to a fish and a lobster called Egi and coax a squid, and to catch".

Egi does not have movement peculiar to a smell in bait fishing called a live bait and a krill and taste, a creature.
Therefore how you move it so that squid attacks it or do you stop it? It is Technique and insight and played reason of the inference.

However, there cannot be the thing taking seriously. Because because it is "the fishing implements which Egi itself specialized in squid fishing", I can easily catch it if I wave a pole first of all.

This is the best in fact if I can catch an aim.
A beginner moves the point eging a little in a pier and can easily catch it, and a senior can enjoy it as much as I pursue it because it is profound even if it is it.

The important thing is it is the fishing that anyone can enjoy if even a tool can be prepared.