The merits and demerits of the bottom stay

A bottom stay. Or it is a pose.

I think that it is recognized that "squid causes a predation action in response to working bait" in the public.
In fact, is the street,; but as well as the fact with a drum.

It is this subject "bottom stay".

The bottom stay has good and bad points. This time I write it about it.

The dynamo of the reaction byte

An action moving a rod in amplitude of around 20-30cm is called "twoiching".

Delicate technique is inferior to wild syakuri in a catch alone,
An errand is convenient, and syakuri-patterns increase when they use you as the one of the combos to connect to a bold move.

When, in this twoiching, I do a weak appeal and, after a few poses, put wild syakuri at a stretch, An effect is high in the case of most than I turn on wild syakuri consecutively commonly.

Why is such a method that an effect is high?
As for the creature of the type squid be superior in sight very much, and it does Floating over the few of the bottom of the sea again, and to arrest Bate from a secret state to an obstacle is because is it.

It may appeal to you for that there is Bate in the range that squid can prey on safely to let you do an action over a bottom and the few in twoiching finely many times.

And squid which I chase Bate whom it is easy to prey on carefully, and aim at an instant in here.

For the squid, it is to give a chance of the predation that I had been waiting for to arrange a little standstill time.

However, it is to show existence of Egi whom I am active so far, and moved clearly to stand still.
As for it, it may be found out that it is the bait of the impostor in squid at the same time.

While there is such a demerit, the situation where the bait which I can prey on runs away to in front of oneself at a stretch stimulates the predation instinct of the fish eater surely.
Of course squid falls, too.

It is a reaction byte.

I stand still with Egi once, and it is a thing of one key to tempt a reaction byte in this way to keep a good balance with syakuri.

It is not an action only to move Egi. It is an excellent action to wait.

Long stay

I cannot catch it simply every day when I go to the fishing ground!
There is such a day by all means.

Even if an end called the day is not given, there is the thing called time when I cannot catch it.

... which I am not concerned with the results fishing ground for the autumn high season either and cannot catch simply.

Such a sometimes slow action. Or it is means to let the bottom do long stay of Egi.

When it can catch it by syakuri of speedy development, there is effect.

When I stood in the fishing ground, it is it in the game development that is advantageous if there is much usable technique.
It is technique playing an active part plenty.

By the way, as for the time for bottom stay, please try the metropolis degree metropolis degree to the situation.

There can be the thing that at last I can catch it after stopping it for around 5 minutes if there is time to be effective in one second.

Hand ebb worsens if I stop it in long time, but there is time of such a patience for the squid capture in spring when it is necessary.

Root gap root capital Egi-rost

Touched the good and bad points of the bottom stay how old is, but is drained under the influence of the tide to have by leaving you unattended for a long time in a bottom even if it says what most to be difficult, and a cover and a root gap in the structure and a root hang; lost.

It is the action who does not move Egi, but the line is made to some extent, and it is always important to grasp bottom quality.
Will keep you waiting; can cope in what can sense squid and wide alette and snatching of the cuttlefish by doing it immediately.

The action whom I employ in the bottom of the sea. However, while doing minimum control for evasion taking a root while gathering information of the shape of the bottom; ...

I am quite busy.

I match it with preference of squid

It takes a root; lost, and is a demerit found out by badness of the hand ebb, squid.

There is quite good demerit when I try to write it.
It is feeling order of squid, besides, how much the merit that balanced with a demerit is.

However, I can capture it by many patterns than in incorporating a stay in game development. The possibility that a predation switch is in with an action from long stay.

If it thinks about such a merit, after all it is the technique that it wants to manage.

The bottom stay that the merits and demerits live together.
When I do it, taking it begin a calculation, and a root is the thing which I want to manage well.