eging basic angling -The basics that "arrival at bottom" is the most important-

Let's master "arrival at bottom" this time if I get possible to throw "Egi" well.

"arrival at bottom" of "Egi" is the basics that are the most important in eging.

As for autumn squid, there is the individual floating on the surface of the sea. However, things covered to the obstacle of the bottom of the sea are often found. And I cannot catch Squid of the spring unless I attack the bottom of the sea.

I make full use of fall which accepted the situation, and let's catch squid.

"arrival at bottom" is the basics of eging!

I explain "arrival at bottom" sequentially.
It is ... to want to learn here.

・I let Egi arrive at the bottom of the sea in "freefall" after doing the cast.

・I count down till I "arrive at the bottom of the sea" after Egi landed on the water how long I take time.

・The line slack collects it on a reel.

The item mentioned above is basics of "arrival at bottom" to perform by all means from a beginner to a veteran.

Then I will write a key of "arrival at bottom" in order.

・I count down at the same time as Egi lands on the water.

・During "arrival at bottom", I turn eyes to the fishing line in this way. Furthermore, please touch the fishing line with a finger just a little.

・"Gently" and a line become loose in this way when they count down. It is a signature of "arrival at bottom".

Please refer to this picture→signature of "arrival at bottom"

The slack of the fishing line understands that I touch the fishing line with the finger.

Game make from "arrival at bottom"

I count down and will learn time when Egi does "arrival at bottom".

This number of seconds becomes the base of the game make in the fishing ground.

・If it takes 30 seconds on "arrival below", I start "Syakuri" at the area of 29 seconds. And "lost of Egi" evade.
Or I set up a fishing line a little from around 27 seconds and do it in a tension pin, and let's enjoy it by various methods!

I begin "Syakuri" if I master "arrival at bottom".
Eging becomes more pleasant here.
Even if it becomes "fall enthusiast" even if it becomes "Syakuri enthusiast", the reason is because it is no use unless at first it acquires basics of "arrival at bottom".

May be difficult first. However, it is easy if used.
It is really easy when used. Let's do its best!


The photograph is the Inno-shima West Coast.
The Inno-shima West Coast is the scenery which is good for the name of many islands beauty Inno-shima.