With the cage squid?

Oh, a cage squid is a cuttlefish belonging to calamary department (calamary department).

I am called basyou-ika or mizu-ika or mo-ika in the local name.
As for the size, there is the big shot who reaches Mayor of back 62cm, 6.8kg in weight (by the information that I heard it from fisherman, and watched a newspaper).

It lays eggs from about late spring to the early summer and grows up to size of a croquette in about early autumn (it is the season when it can catch it most).
And I move to deep-area of the offing for wintering in back (these days, long torso around 25cm), about December that I spent in a coastal place until late fall (long torso a little over 30cm) and come back to the coast again when it is it in spring.

Speaking of spring, it is a season of the love. Oh, the cage squid is so, too.
Squid begin to become the couple from these days. And I can rake the cuttlefishs which got married in early summer from late spring and lay eggs and can put the life having a short it away.


Squid which reaches former length 50cm by life of only one year except for individual difference. 10% of the weight seems to increase in a childhood on 1st. Growth is early even if I take it.

The creature of the sea does not sell the quarrel to the guy who is bigger than oneself basically.
Generally I lack it even if there are how many life if I do such a thing. It is pursed lips anything, and a partner cannot eat to miss it if da is over and is edible adversely.

However, squid is different. I catch the fish which is bigger than oneself by a most moving passage arm and bite the scruff and stab it with a coup de grace and drink it.
Besides, I do preying on one another if there is not other Bate! I am strong even if I take it. It is the struggle for existence before being fierce.

However, I feel it when I do fishing when "wariness is strong even if I take" it. I chase Egi, but escape immediately when I make a strange move.

If one's movement that I liked is not given, more than it, it is not going to approach.

If the cuttlefish is tempted; "separate it!" I vomit Sumi while saying ", but attack Egi many times even if I do a needle loser. The point squid escapes with every effort if I will make a needle loser. I do not look even if I take Egi to the guy who hesitates to escape again.

As for the trunk of squid, transcendence is delicious.
When I "save it with a freezer", and the trunk of squid does it, the amino acids of the taste ingredient increase and it depends and becomes delicious, besides!
Geso is not good enough. Let's live on thick seasoning. I have with an ingredient of Sumi-soup or the sauce of the roasted meat.