eging basic angling -Basic action this and that of eging-

It is two kinds of next actions to be necessary to catch squid.

It is "let squid chase a egi" and "let squid hold a egi".

I take into "aorisquid" with "eging"!
If these actions are compatible when they think assuming a thing, I can expect a good catch.

A basic action of "eging" arrives this time and, on the basis of the above-mentioned thing, writes it.

Movement to let squid chase "Egi"

At first I explain movement to let you chase "Egi".

I raise a fishing rod and move "Egi" intensely.

Please refer to this picture→A cartoon film of "Syakuri"

Egi moves mainly in the lengthwise direction.
Consecutive "two steps of Syakuri" can expect a big catch.

Please refer to this picture→A cartoon film of "two steps of Syakuri"

Movement to trail the bottom of the sea is called "zuru-biki".

By these two technique, I can move it to length and breadth.

To let a squid hold "Egi"

Let's explain a basic action to let you hold "Egi" this time.

loosen a fishing line, and it is angling to let Egi drop naturally.

As for the good point of the freefall, "Egi" arrive at the bottom of the sea quickly. And it is to be able to easily catch a high active squid.
"Slack jerk" of the applied technique of the freefall.
It is an effective method.

I sprinkle the tension to a fishing line, and it is a method to sink "Egi".

That I can let longer time, a squid chase the good point of the curvefall. And chances letting you hold it increase.
It will be to be able to feel a hit directly.
On the other hand, the squid which touched Egi feels sense of incongruity and separates it.

There are both good and bad points.

The squid is good and gets possible to catch it by managing these skill to let you chase it and the skill to let you hold it!


It is the photograph of "hanajizou" of the tourist attraction "jizoubana".
"jizoubana" is the place where there is divine favor in the love accomplishment, the prayer of the woman such as the easy delivery.