Tuning of Egi

Remodel Egi. If there is time of the improvement, there is it at the time of change for the worse.

In this clause, I explain basic remodeling in eging every situation.

Weight up tune

A tide is early, and it is not played. The depth of the water is too deep, and it is drained to the wrong place till I wear it and do a bottom.

At first, at such time, let's choose Egi of the deep type from Egi on hand. Or number will choose big Egi.

However, ... is a turn of the tuning for the first time then if there is not above-mentioned Egi in Egi rack.

A thing to prepare is a thread weight called "the tuning sinker". Even a screw such as "the plus sinker" released by DAIWA-type weight is OK.
I let Egi put these on in a scene in here.

Of the wearing shine, and the one leaves it out here because a way is written for the packing of each sinker.

By the way, tuning to add to weight is called a "weight up tune" in this way.
I can correct the weight up tune in an original state by excluding the sinker whom I attached once.

light tune


Time and the shallow capture at the float cuttlefish. I lower the number of Egi whether I choose Egi of shallow-type when I lengthen pin time and want to increase chances letting you have even a little.

When holdings do not have Egi of shallow-type, with "a tuning drill", I will remodel Egi.

A way is simple. I open a hole on a sinker part of Egi and, with a tuning drill, lighten it. By the way, this remodeling says "light tune".

Because I open a hole on a "sinker part, as for wanting to be careful at the time of this tuning, pin posture becomes a degree of leaning after a few. The rod work after the tuning cannot go in what I extremely eat it when a head breaks out on the top than the horizontal posture, and is unwilling unless I am careful. "

By the way, you had better coordinate weight in 1-3 holes when it is Egi of 3.5. Balance considerably changes when I open a hole more than four, and operation becomes difficult.
I cannot return it and light tune one time to the cause if I tune it up. Please do it after having taken this into consideration.

It takes a root, and it is tuned up measures

It takes a root called the hangasa- tuning elsewhere, and there is the tuning of measures.

The signs of fish are dark, but are useful in shallow algae ground or rocky place.
This folds (180 degrees) with pliers inward for the lower half of the plane (a hook), and it is tuning it is hard to hang over the Shimo re-unpleasant dope, and to do.
Oh, the cage cuttlefish hides behind in some kind of obstacles with high probability. Such a point of the activeness naturally it leads to catch up to attack.

It is to fold bottom 180 degrees of the plane to want to be careful at the time of this tuning. It must not cut a plane by any means.
Rear of Egi lightens when it cuts it, and it is bent forward.

I can put back the plane which I folded, but become a little weak more. Because there is damage on the set part of the root of the plane, it can break a plane.
Furthermore, I become it without the fooking result in the bottom part of the hook.
If it enumerates it in this way, and it thinks, it is the tuning that demerits live together in a merit.

Tuning to improve an appeal power

Oh, I may touch quite popular tuning I put an abalone seal, and to improve an appeal power.
I think this tuning to be high.
Basically "stick it on a part wanting to attack squid". It is classic to complete on a back part near the "size body plane.
Balance becomes slightly sorry to worsen many a little amount of water bite when I put too much it a lot.
Because a way is written to the packing of the article - the attached manual, the details leave out this tuning about the form so and so of the seal.

The risk is enthusiastic tuning of the companion tip, too

I become it for an enthusiast a little, but there is the thing called the clear tune, too.
I strip off clothes of Egi, and it is what it makes Egi of the transparent collar. The thing of an effect said kick ... by a feeling of squid of the day.
Oh, one color that was not marketed increased. Please think to drink it.
As a matter of course, I cannot return it to an original state.

There is the thing called the more enthusiastic weedless tune(dopeless tune).

I scrape off most of sinker bottom of Egi, and the way cuts the lower half of the hook.
When Egi who is in condition to have cut the bottom of the plane as for the standard to scrape off the bottom of the sinker was able to be in the seawater, it is it in a haze and posture as for bending forward than stability.

I become unrelated to agony of the algae capital according to the reputation when I do this remodeling.

However, as for this tuning, right and left balance of Egi collapses after remodeling, and the dirt course performance is almost lost.
It is windless and, besides the capture of a slow dope area of the tide, becomes almost worthless Egi.

As a matter of course, I never return to an original state.

The basic tuning (I remove the enthusiastic tune) that I had better learn is such a place briefly.

But fishing tackle makers aim at the best more basically and develop Egi.
The remodeling of the feel of the amateur should consider that I may sometimes give a result such as the change for the worse.

Anyway, please try to live on "self-responsibility" depending on the situation.


Port of oohama pier
The beauty of the scenery of Mekari-seto seen on a fine day is splendid not only signs of fish are dark, and it is a spot for squid.