I will let Egi arrive at the stratum (a range) where a squid is if I catch a squid.

Egi is made with amount of foaming urethane and the material which there is buoyancy to some extent such as the paulownia.
And I send a sinker with the subject matter that there is the buoyancy, and it is it to the fishing implements which I specialized in squid fishing by letting you take the posture of exquisite balance.

Egi is made from such a reason to sink. 
However, I am not good even if subsidence of Egi is too early.
When it is early, and there is a pitch difference, squid gives up a chase, and the reason is because it does not have you notice that it is bait.

On the contrary, it is that squid has much time to show Egi if fall time is long.

I wrote Basic action this and that of egingbut the reason is the same as the curve fall having a long time to let you hold appeal.

When even weight same on a thing of the land lets you sink in the sea when I compare it with the weights which there is for the purpose of being depressed purely because I use material with the buoyancy for such a reason,
the speed to sink of Egi becomes late markedly.

If speed to sink is slow, naturally I take the influence of the tide more.
Because it is spread too much in the tide in eging to perform in Setonaikai-Sea neighborhood, there is the thing that I do not fishing it.

If it does eging at the Setonaikai-Sea, it is required to overcome a tide.

It is this chapter and develops more advantageous eging using the conquest of the tide and a tide to go the top more,
I, so to speak, touch it about the technique that used influence, "drift" of the tide.

Look at the water at a line!

When a manager comparatively practiced "Syakuri" at a clear place of the seawater, I noticed it, but,
Egi is different in a direction to turn to while doing a pin by line tension by the strength of the same tide.

On the other hand, the courses that Egi is suitable for if the speed of the tide is different are different even if line tension is the same.

Speaking frankly, is ordinary;, however, the person doing eging thinks that is without being conscious of this.

Drift to be ride on a tide

Drift is technique to slide Egi to a tide.

It is very likely that the place that a tide and a tide clash and had can catch a squid.

I carry Egi to a tide to the place of the aim, and a representative method of the drift is to drop it into a pin spot and the tide pool that a flow becomes gentle.

The important thing is I am in tune with a tide to the place where plankton and small fish are easy to collect and progress.
I understand it immediately if I carry Egi to precipitation because tension handed down to a hand becomes slow.

Alternatively, I spend Egi on the tide on purpose, and the technique carrying it to the obstacle which oneself wants to aim at is a basic thing.

Furthermore, there is a thing called "the kickback drift" for the skill that stepped.

At the age of so-called escape tide (one's state that it stands, and a tide leaves the position to the offing), I am in tune with the tide and exile Egi to the offing steadily, and it is technique to expect the point that does not reach even the full cast and hit it.

Because the whole kickback drift is the state that line tension is usually made, it is an advantage that is easy to sense existence of squid from the stage of the ex-hit.

The weak point flows for the middle draining it far and wide, and algae is easy to hang to line and Egi.
When I aim at the offing by kickback drift in eging along the Setonaikai Sea, it is often that this flow algae causes me lot of trouble.

The drift technique that I use well is a method to attack between obstacle - obstacles while being in tune with a tide.
It is easy to do this technique in development according to the aim when I do which direction Egi turns to by a tide in spite of being a thought.

Oh, I am tight, and, using a tide, the technique that I continue criticizing uses the edge of the obstacle well many times.
Because it is often that suquid settles on the occasion of an edge and a rope of the dope, an effect is high when I am tight and attack it.

The drift is improved steadily by developing eging while being always conscious of tides.
As well as the Setonaikai Sea, I think the effect to be high in each place.

If the person who knows drift technique elsewhere mentioned above comes, please show me it(^^)