With moon and sea and eging

It is natural, but it is a flood tide on the day of the full moon.

I cannot separate it on telling squid of the Setonaikai-Sea even if a full moon and the relations of the flood tide cut it.

Make hole through the habits of squid and a pole only by a day of a full moon in this chapter and tell a condition.

Oh, it is the excursion of the cage squid

The difference of the high and low tide of the Setonaikai-Sea is intense, and the speed of the tide with it is a considerable thing.
During an island and an island, it is right a torrent.

In form on such a torrent, squid makes an excursion.

Autumn squid in the growth process is a feeling such as the drifting rather than excursion.
In form to drift on the torrent of the flood tide, squid arrives at the obstacle which the tides collect, each pier and the port and settles in there and takes the bait in the point where I settled in and gets on the torrent of the flood tide after the half moon and drifts again.

Squid may regard the autumn excursion pattern as the basic repetition.

Setonaikai-Sea squid circumstances

The people who catch a cuttlefish with eginger doing eging at the Inland Sea, bait change prepare a mouth, and say. It
I was not able to "catch" it. I am no use to the next flood tide. "

So. If squid of the current settling is caught exhaustively, I cannot catch the pier circumference with the next flood tide till a new individual drifts.

Even autumn, there is a point to be awaiting excursion in one. It is the pier circumference and a torrent point.

Any kind of torrent point has an obstacle and the break line by all means, and it is easy to be possible for a torrent point, and the precipitation of the tide can catch a tide more a lot than the gentle point.

In addition, with such a point, I am larger than a thing to be able to catch in a pier for the same period.

With moon and sea and eging

By the way, it is a flood tide on the day of the full moon. A new individual drifts in the pier which always goes when it is a flood tide.
The full moon tells the arrival of a new chance,; but ...

It is not only it.
The fact that is well-known as for attacking it from a shadow of the light with Bate whom night squid appears in the vicinity of an outdoor lamp carefully.

Late; is similar, and the outdoor lamp circumference of the pier becomes the popular spot, but, about night-eging, the moonlight supports eginger.

The light of the full moon relaxes wariness of squid. And I change the place without the outdoor lamp into a point of squid.

Squid that the wariness became slow floats to the outer layer as charmed by moonlight and chases Bate boldly. Even if it is usually a point of night-eging, and there is not stagnating beside the hard thing style, I can catch it.

It is a chance!

By the way, a half moon falls under this chance from the full moon.

When the moon and the sea right brought on an exquisite blend limitation for a period, night-eging greets one the truth height.

A bottom of Ohashi, Innoshima

A bottom of Ohashi, Innoshima, the left.
It is a good spot of squid in autumn not only large size can aim at signs of fish densely.