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The content spelled in this site studies with having had teach it from many anglers or marketed magazine or DVD, and is the thing which belief called manager "Oryar" mentioned what do "practice" properly, and got in at the top through an intense human filter; (in brief, is a site of belief 200%.).

Because it is such a thing, I think that there is the item where I write a thing different a little that I become common sense depending on a case in the public.

The important thing is I am happy if I have you interpret it as one one opinion of local eginger.

In addition, I have you read content written in this site, and refutation and new imagination are born and are grateful if it can be it for a help of the step-up of Eging of in it.

I from Innoshima, Hiroshima filled with the many islands beauty between Iyo and Bingo.

Information is an introduction of "Oryar" which is a site master sending it to from oldness and "Inno-shima" of water forces.

A habitat A pier of Inno-shima tends to make an excursion around. Under cover of wooden building type structure, I usually update the blog while doing home guard.
Staple food It is sloppy appetite, but can catch it with marine products and ramen well mainly.
Egi does not eat.
The habits The male of the Homo sapiens. The person himself of squid seem to want to become male.
A hobby Eging!
Character I am gentle, and the person in question thinks that I am passionate, but is hot and stuffy by dishonesty recently? I say awareness is born.
People when "speak well, is individual". I say "with a far-off mesh. I am fortunate.
An appearance A Japanese
Stigmata The left brain is a muscle.
The right hand has convulsions intensely every five minutes. Oh, the terminal poisoning symptom that Gin garfish happens with anyone.
An occupation Heavy labor
Family constitution I am single. During the lover recruitment.
There is not hateful food, and a woman going in Eging together is an ideal partner.
A fishing career

I caught a goby and a flatfish with brief change in a childhood.
Because I did not have much money in those days, I caught the bait by oneself and I bound a stone together in substitution for a weight and did fishing.

And did not do the fishing for a while,; but several years ago of the friend reopen in inviting it.
The target is a rockfish aim by the fishing in an ice hole. The fish was favorite me in anything, but always did fishing line because rockfish was very delicious and could easily catch it.

And early autumn, 2006 when is destined.
It began over the telephone from a cousin.

Because, in "next October, I go there." Because I do Eging, buy one's tool. "
For a forcible proposal "say a selfish thing in anything"? Because thought it to be ", but is a thing having character that is quite careless in me; "understood" it. I buy it. I answered with ".

It "is a promise"! Because eging is really pleasant! It seems to be so, and then prepare for the points which can catch squid! "

It was reliable that a heart had begun to be attracted by a thing called "Eging" which let you make
him crazy about it to there while being disgusted a little with the forcible Nana proposal of the cousin.

By the way, by the way. The fishing tackle that it is the thing which moves very smoothly when the thing called a destined gear begins to turn around once and has you initiate you into selection of tool and an art of Eging from work Seki person in charge whom a telephone met from a
cousin on the site by chance on the next day that there was, and it is necessary in net auction on the
day after next is successful bid completion.
Strongest Eging DVD "アオリイカバイブル 2(squid bible 2)" was included in that.

And it is October 3, 2006. Even if I who became bad go down among Eging since caught squid on a day of eging-debut even if
is over; a squid squid squid.
Oh, Hama reaches a cage squid and charm of Eging to the full at the present.

The site beginning says it, but the site master aims at "strongest eginger" recklessly, but it is that the
opportunity came influence of two people.

One watches "アオリイカバイブル vol.2(squid bible 2)" of the "Master strongest eginger Masahiro Sugihara" star, and it is to have longed for him.
The contents of the DVD were right "the Bible".
which I was affected too much, but I still go for egingseminar and send an email to sake, and do the groupie of the Sugihara expert.

Another one…I am a secret(^^)

A characteristic in the fishing ground "ORYAAAAA!!!" Slightly poor eginger which I work as "and spirit 200%, the cast of flying distance 30%, and talk to Egi is me with high probability if.
If I see it… I am pleased with whether I have I am warm and watch it with eyes watching a rare animal from the far-off place when I have I approach it and call out to you.(^^)
A motto I did it first of all
A profile… ... which is difficult than I write contents

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A way to strongest eginger! Blog

I always chase squid in Eging.
With the timely Eging information of coastal highway at the same level as an island, I introduce the hit pattern of the moment and a wild chervil re-method in detail then.

Is such me,; but thanking you in advance(^^)